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Phone System Installation in Los Angeles

When it comes to phone system installation in Los Angeles there are many choices so it can be difficult to make the right one for your business needs. Below are some listed features that will assist you in making decision in which of the >business phone systems will best suit your needs.

Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP500 V2 Control Unit

The Avaya IP500 V2 Control Unit is the newest control unit for the Avaya IP Office system.


4 Base Card Slots – Can accommodate Digital Station, Analog Phone, VCM, Expansion, ETR, and Combination base cards. Also accommodates the Legacy Card Carrier.
Trunk Cards – Supports IP500 trunk daughter cards connected to IP500 Base Cards. Also supports IP400 trunk cards using the Legacy Card Carrier.
2 SD Card Slots – Supports system SD card (required) and optional SD card
Voicemail Channels – Maximum 30 usable for Voicemail Pro/TAPI WAV connection sessions
8 Expansion Ports – Compatible with Digital Station 16/30, Phone 8/16/30,So8, WAN3, and Analog Trunk 16.
Support for up to 12 Expansion Modules – In addition to the 8 integrate expansion ports, can add up to 4 additional external expansion modules using 4-Port Expansion base card.
2 LAN Ports – Full duplex 10/100 Mbps; managed layer 3 Ethernet switch
Additional Ports – Music on-hold, DTE port, external relay switch for door entry controls, integral WAN port
Includes Power Cord
One Year Warranty

Epygi Quadro IP PBX

The Quadro VoIP PBX was designed for small and large offices self-sufficient branches with as many as 120 individuals. The price point makes it affordable for even home offices or teleworkers.

The connection to the traditional phone network allows use of fax machines, retail point of sale or emergencies. Your everyday calls would be placed on IP phones that take advantage of cost savings and the full complement of VoIP features such as Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) for call centers, audio conferencing, call recording and barge-in features. Advanced features are purchasable items, so customers can choose what they pay for instead of being locked into a one-size-fits-all solution.

Many customers today require the latest VoIP technology but wish to retain their analog telephone investment. The Quadro offers support for 26 analog devices and up to 120 IP phone extensions. In addition, this system supports SIP lines to connect to an internet service provider and eight FXO lines for a medium-sized hybrid office environment. Any user on the system, whether they are on an IP or analog phone, will have access to the advanced VoIP features offered on the QuadroM26x. Even remote users will be able to take advantage of the cost-saving and performance-enhancing features.

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Build your entire telecommunications strategy around one of the powerful ESI Communications Servers, knowing that they will easily adapt as your business needs change. The ESI-50, ESI-100, ESI-200, or ESI-1000 can support a traditional business phone system, a fully standards-based IP telephony system, or a combination of both. Regardless of the model, an ESI Communications Server is easy- to- use and feature-rich, allowing your business to communicate like a major player, enhancing your corporate image and projecting a larger organization to your clients and prospects. Unique integration capabilities mean call-processing efficiency at cost savings never before possible.


Cost savings

Get all the advantages of an on-premises solution with the option of moving some (or all) of your lines from analog to SIP, freeing up funds that can be utilized for other business needs.


ESI Communications Servers are highly- advanced and highly- scalable, with flexible architecture that fully supports both digital and IP-based communications so that your system can easily adapt and grow with your business.

Business continuity

Your Communication Server provides security and built-in redundancy to ensure business continuity in case of a disaster.


The unique calling features, advanced messaging, and customizable auto-attendant tools let your teams work more efficiently, spending less time on tedious communications tasks and more time getting business done.

Key Features

Despite its long list of features, the ESI-50 Communications Server — thanks to famous ESI ease-of-use — is a phone system you’ll find friendly. It says, “Good morning.” It teaches you how to use and program it. It reminds you to change your personal greeting after a trip. And it stands by, ready to assist you whenever you need help. There are several different models of ESI desktop phones. Each is a compact, attractive addition to any desk, designed to simplify your telecommunications.
Here are just two examples:

  • The display is large and easy to read; that’s even more true for the backlit display you’ll find on most models.
  • The dedicated function keys (so you don’t have to memorize codes) give you more ease of use, even with the ESI-50’s enhanced capabilities.

On the go?

One-Touch Help

Perhaps our users’ best-loved feature, the help key on your desk phone provides you with one-touch access to information from the ESI Knowledge Base.

 IP900 Mobile™

Extend your system’s SIP/VoIP calling functionality to your mobile device. Use Wi-Fi and mobile data instead of cellular minutes.

 Intelligent Caller ID

Not only can you see at a glance who’s calling, but ESI’s patented technology even stores caller information with each voice message for one-touch call return at any time.

 Intelligent Call Forwarding

Allows you to forward an outside call directly with the caller’s Caller ID information, instead of yours, so the person receiving the message can easily tell who made the call.

 No Unanswered Calls

The automated attendant offers six levels and 100 branches, so you can set up auto-answering that routes calls to just the right destinations. Overflow support for live answering means you can ensure that every call is answered.

 On-Hold Messages

Provide informative facts or timely promotional messaging to your callers while they wait on hold.

 Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Streamlines incoming call handling, routing callers to the right person in the right department every time.


VIP7 is a feature-rich unified communications application that gives users simple, intuitive access to the tools they need. Users can easily view voice mail messages, calls, and chats, and access colleagues’ availability as well real-time views of call handling and service metrics.

How Do We Get Started?

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Get NEC SL1100 phone systems, bundles, licenses, InMail voicemail and telephones with The Telecom Spot for the best service, quality products and expertise.

Powerful communications for a small business budget – NEC SL1100 offers a wide-range of intuitive features that can be tailored to an individual’s role. This customization enables your employees to be more efficient and productive, no matter their location.


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