CCTV and Surveillance Systems

Security System Installation in Los Angeles

CCTV and Surveillance Systems

We Make Technology Work for You

Newcom is professionally experienced in security system installation in Los Angeles. IP and CCTV Cameras and Fire alert system installations will provide the surveillance needed to keep your business safe.


  • Provide and Install all low voltage wire, cable, and fiber for IP and CCTV Cameras, and Fire Systems surveillance.
  • Installation labor available from both union and non union installers.

Choosing a video surveillance system requires a lot of consideration and a familiarity with all types of security cameras and CCTV systems Newcom helps to guide you and explain surveillance cameras and CCTV camera systems with your needs in mind, so you can confidently select the right system to protect your business and property.

Please contact us to with your questions or requirements and we will prepare a proposal for your consideration.